Who is Jacquie?

Jacquelynne Faith has been a well-rounded, but directionless show-off for most of her life.  As a child, her extracurricular activities included, but were not limited to: competitive gymnastics, Tae Kwon Do, dance, journaling, constructing jewelry out of index cards, dewy decimal-ing her book collection and forcing family members to play library, “teaching” her class of stuffed animals; trying to find the perfect toy doctor’s kit, deciding which Spice Girl to emulate in her next playground girl group, performing underwater mermaid shows for nobody, wishing for exotic pets, pretending she was on the teen sketch comedy show All That, inventing things, and “news reporting”.  As an adult, her career path remains as full of twists as her eclectic childhood activities would suggest.  “Jacquie of All Trades” is the closest she gets to weaving her passions and writing ideas into one concept-lightly exploring the various occupations she will never fully commit to.  It is a blog for anyone who is struggling with their purpose, as well as those so connected to their own purpose that they never got to pursue other fleeting passions.  It is a how-to guide, a memoir, a warning, and a glimpse for those who will, those who want to, and those who would never.  Step into her office(s) .


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