The Tao of Social Media: Compare and “Contrast”

“Comparison is the thief of joy”, and 50% of that comes from the understanding that you don’t get to see the whole picture. My profile isn’t perfect, and I don’t want it to be-but it already takes thought, energy, a bit of planning, and thorough execution to do it as is. I think ahead about the pattern of my Instagram by balancing colors and composition. Blogging consistently;writing full captions or poetry, prose, and (or at the very least, selecting thoughtful and unusual quotes and lyrics); working as a model/coordinator/stylist/makeup artist on professional shoots; studying scripts and working long hours on set; developing ideas while I travel; editing personal photos for bright eyes and more color intensity; and choosing them from too many takes a dedication you might not expect. I wouldn’t do it if I was not passionate about all of its components: writing, acting, modeling, photography, editing, and marketing. If you aren’t, I imagine social media as some type of space-suspended hellscape we are forced to access despite still being among the living.

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Mini Trip Diaries: Don’t Hibernate-Appreciate (Astoria, Oregon)uo

Illness has taught me to rest, but I have trouble believing that as humans, we are meant to retire to a spot in our living rooms for 3 months a year-especially given the beauty that winter has to offer. I would be regretful to miss these places while they feature less crowds, stunning snowy aesthetics, darker beer, vibrant sunsets, Brilliant stars-not to mention forsake what would add up to be years of exploration time. If I didn’t move through the urge to curl up in a ball for all of December, I would never have seen Astoria, Oregon in such quiet splendor. I am going to write some Christmas poetry, now.

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Style Guise: Go Big or Go Home (with KK Couture Designs)

The thing about living authentically and beautifully is no matter how kind, humble, or delicate you try to be when you do it, the backlash will come. There are too many people living in shadows and hissing for you not to hear it. You can be sweet, supportive, and pleasant, but people will feel and fear the fire you have anyway.

The only way to defeat it is to release yourself from caring.

And that’s how I ended up in a giant tulle skirt for small awards show that called for cocktail dresses.

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Little Epiphanies: “Say ‘Yes’”

Now that I’ve been sick, I’m literally always concerned. I hesitate. Because I know no matter what I do, something about it is, at the very least, going to be incredibly uncomfortable. At the very most, it will send me to an early grave. Somewhere in between is “I won’t physically be able to do it”. And if it’s a push for the average person-an adrenaline rush, an out of the norm trip or activity-it’s going to only be amplified for me. The truth is, I am scared every. Single. Day. But you know what? It taught me when I REALLY want to say yes. If “no” is the default, and part of me-despite the tingling sensation of worry, despite the gut flipping prospect of being out of my comfort zone, despite the knowing that whatever I do will be more DIFFICULT than it is for the average person-Still wants to say YES…it must be important. It must be worth it.

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