Mini Trips Diary: Save the Date (International Rose Test Garden, Portland)

Catching the garden while in bloom seemed parallel to the place I’m in now…a sort of mid season upswing overall despite the ups and downs and constancy of thorns and clouds. I remembered where I was when the roses were empty, and I was just as ready as they were to bloom again and start over. Now it was a time to own the burst of petals and stretch. Growth is beautiful, but so is allowing oneself to own how far you’ve come and just be. In making up for one date where we supposedly “failed” but actually got a good laugh, I realized the importance of making every “date” count. Rain or shine, pain or not-if I could, I should. I literally woke up and smelled the roses.

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Style Guise: How to Dress for Your Age

After skipping a grade and spending my after school time taking advanced dance and gymnastics classes, I became used to being the youngest amongst my peers in most cases. So, it’s been an interesting transition to hanging out with the slightly younger as I approach an age that seems to inevitably converge with many different social demographics. This past week, I found myself at a local concert to see a favorite local band (The Out of Body Experience) comprised of group members in their earlier adulthood, with friends who are also around that age. While I didn’t actively consider it, I donned a crop top (purchased, ironically enough, at Forever 21) I’ve had for over 5 years-one that some might argue should have been in a box and on its way to Goodwill when the clock struck midnight on my 25th birthday, lest it turn into a knitted sweater.

I felt great, but there was a voice in my head that told me I should feel like I was holding on to something that was no longer mine. I know this is probably more tainted for me by the fact that I’m sick, not married, and I have more than one cat-but it was there. I told my friend Tiera about this complex as I sat at the bar in my crop, and she assured me I had the body to do it and looked young enough to pull it off. But you know what? None of that matters.

I could also sit here and defend my age-afterall, 20s are the NEW 30s, right? I’m not even 30 yet! But it’s hardly the point. Our age does not define us. WE define our age. If it’s not true, why do people like Baddie Winkle and the pink and green ladies thrive so beautifully, even in a world in which they are not the norm. Secretly, we all know the secret.

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Mini Travel Blog: Finding Joy in Your Backyard (Okay, a Little Further)

So, we finally made it to an Oregon tulip farm for the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival. I can’t wait to “travel” within my own state this year (and some more of America!) and stop waiting to be healthier or more financially stable or to get more work done. Bloom where you’re planted…and feel free to let some petals blow away with the wind, ya know?

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Marching to the Beat of Your Own (Weird) Drum

Mostly due to my authentic affinity for Justin Bieber’s latest album, I think it’s important to differentiate between living life on terms that someone might consider “in the box” because it truly resonates with you, and doing it because you feel you don’t have a choice, the resources, or the guts-all of which may be an illusion.

The latter is the insidious version of a life in the lines, because marching to a beat that doesn’t resonate in your own soul has detrimental effects. You feel depleted (my favorite word for that sensation of crumbling under pressure, overwhelmed, and disillusioned with society and the way things are in this way that feels too big to escape). You feel inauthentic. You feel like time is passing you by without meaning.

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