Mini Travel Blog: Finding Joy in Your Backyard (Okay, a Little Further)

When you have a tough season in the league of life, all of the things you want to improve can be pretty overwhelming. I spent a lot of last year having existential and emotional upheavals surrounding illness, sense of identity, and especially time. When your rut is that big, you don’t know which way to climb out. I decided to simplify the lengthy list of goals and healing points into ONE that would cover literally everything else by extension: find joy. Just JOY. Find it, feel it, have it-remember I deserve it.

One of the things I find the MOST joy in (besides flowers themselves, which I’ve been trying to surround myself with and embrace more-thank you current fashion and decor trends!) is travel. Health wise (spirit, mind and body), I tend to feel best while exploring. I’m done waiting to be elsewhere-I’m taking it upon myself to explore my new home. To find joy every week, if not every day. To stop waiting for the next time it will be “appropriate” to have a good time. To stop feeling like because I don’t do things typically with the health situation, it’s only “right” that I do nothing but work and rest.

Day trips are a fabulous way to upset a rhythm that is no longer working. So, we finally made it to an Oregon tulip farm for the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival. I can’t wait to “travel” within my own state this year (and some more of America!) and stop waiting to be healthier or more financially stable or to get more work done. Bloom where you’re planted…and feel free to let some petals blow away with the wind, ya know?

Tell me:

1. Do you find yourself postponing joy? “Saving” things for later, from new outfits to excursions? Why do you think you do it?

2. Would you read travel blogs about places I visit locally, or are you more interested in big trips (upcoming: Sedona! 😍)?

3. Is there a place in your own state where you feel like you’re somewhere else or just love to visit?


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